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fes·ti·var·i·an (noun) 1. One who engages in music-related celebration, esp. in beautiful outdoor settings. 2. One who is not afraid of the elements, nor tarp lines at shows and will sacrifice family heirlooms for a live recording of Sam Bush's latest set. 3. One exhibiting extreme intelligence, compassion, and a fondness for good beer. (adj) 1. Of, relating to, or suitable for a feast or festival; festive.

Camp FlamingoWelcome seasoned Festivarians and newcomers alike, to another season on Planet Bluegrass. We are thrilled to invite you back, to delight you with a summer of world-class music, and, perhaps more importantly, to offer a place where friendships and general bluegrass comaraderie can flourish.

As you prepare for the summer, please take heart in knowing that there are thousands like you around the globe - people who would trade a week at a luxury resort for a tent by the river in Town Park. These are your people. There are Festivarians all around the globe. Reach out - ask around.

Need a ride? Tickets? Want to reconnect with someone you met at last year's festival or a festival 10 years ago? The festivals only last a few days, but the festivarian community is alive all year-round. Join us...

The Festivarian Forum

We have been unsatisfied for a while now with the yahoo list and its limitations- SPAM, delayed postings, ads, non-existent customer service, oh and SPAM! The Festivarian ForumSo in February 2007 we decided to launch our own modern web forum in its own "Festivarian" part of the internet: www.festivarian.com.

The forum is completely free (no cost, no outside ads). We maintain the forum ourselves with the generous help of volunteer festivarian moderators. In addition to discussions about tickets, rides, lineups, tape trades, and festivarian birth announcements, this new site also provides a place to talk about instruments (from basic chop chords on the mandolin to advanced Dobro slant techniques) and music/festivarian events in your region of the country.

We encourage everyone to have a look, create their own profile, upload a photo of themselves, and become a part of the online festivarian community. If something doesn't meet your needs, let us know. We're continuing to evolve this forum to reflect the requests of the festivarian community.

Becoming a Festivarian and joining the Festivarian Forum just might be the most important thing you do all year. Kamp KokoninoIn doing so, you will join a family of acoustic music lovers from around the globe in keeping the sweet sounds of the festival going all year.

Festivarian Digest at YahooGroups

This list-serv hosted at YahooGroups has been in existence since 2000 with over 1600 members. This has been the place to look for spare festival tickets, share stories and photos about festivals, and stay close with the festival family.

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Note: We don't have any plans to close down this group. We'll leave that up to the group members to decide (if ever). But with the recent spam problems, we highly encourage everyone to have a look at the new Festivarian Forum and send us their comments of how it can better suit their needs.