RockyGrass Academy lottery open thru Wednesday; Warner Field & Town Park lotteries close on Wednesday...
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  • Academy lottery ends Wednesday
• RockyGrass onsite camping lottery
• RockyGrass tix onsale 12/6
• Warner Field & Town Park lottery
• Telluride tix onsale 12/5
• Folks Fest & Song School onsale 12/7

Banjo class at the RockyGrass Academy (photo: Benko Photographics)As we settle into this autumnal lull between the lighting of our Sam Bush jack-o-lantern and the singing of Alice's Restaurant, we urge you to take off the fingerpicks, turn down the new Tim & Darrell album, and spend a few minutes right now crafting your vision of summer 2013.

Sure, we're more than 7 months away from Solstice, full moon and 40th in Telluride, and even further from bluegrass bliss and songs along the St. Vrain. But it's time to scribble a few things in your 2013 Festivarian calendar. So set your tarp in front of the computer and take the first steps with us on the trail toward 2013 festival magic.

-- RockyGrass --
Bass students at the RockyGrass Academy (photo: Benko Photographics)Will this be the year to finally act on that promise to yourself to attend the RockyGrass Academy (July 21-25)? With the recent announcement of this year's faculty and registration now open thru Wednesday, November 14, it's time...

This year we once again close the musical circle with our bluegrass heroes, welcoming bands-in-residence The Travelin' McCourys, Kruger Brothers, and the exciting new quartet Helen Highwater (featuring David Grier, Mike Compton, Missy Raines, and Shad Cobb).

Pickin' in the St. Vrain River (photo: Benko Photographics)They'll be joined by Alison Brown, Rob Ickes, Bruce Molsky, Kathy Kallick, Sally Van Meter, and many others for instrument, vocal, songwriting , and kids camp classes as well as dozens of electives, song circles, group performances, BBQs, band scramble, and campground jamming deep into the night. It's an unforgettable week, with enough inspiration to last the entire year.

RockyGrass Academy instrument building (photo: Benko Photographics)In addition to music classes, we're again offering a small number of students the powerful experience of building their own mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, or guitar. For 5 days these instrument building students are immersed in our lutherie shop – shaping the bracing, carving the neck, bonding with fellow builders – culminating in the lifetime thrill of strumming the first chord on their own handmade instrument.

As in recent years, we're processing Academy registration via an online lottery. Entries are being accepted now thru Wednesday, November 14. Yes, only a few days remain to make 2013 your year for RockyGrass Academy. Time to make your plans.

RockyGrass festivarians (photo: Benko Photographics) Academy sets the tone for the week's main event: the 41st Annual RockyGrass Festival (July 26-28). Passes for the RockyGrass onsite campground will again be sold using an online lottery – open from November 19 thru December 2.

Then all other 2013 RockyGrass tickets, including camping in Meadow and Bohn Parks as well as registration in the band contest and any remaining spaces in the RockyGrass Academy, go onsale on Thursday, December 6 at 9am MST from or 800-624-2422. Getting your calendar marked-up? Nice.

-- Telluride Bluegrass --
Town Park campground during Telluride Bluegrass (photo: Benko Photographics)After the Warner Field campground sold-out in under an hour last December, we decided it was time to sell these passes via an online lottery, as we've done with Town Park for more than a decade. This lottery for both Town Park and Warner Field is open now (!) thru November 14 at 11:59pm MST. If these campgrounds are part of your Telluride tradition, get your entry in now.

Telluride festivarians (photo: Benko Photographics)But remember: these are just 2 of the 5 camping options for the 40th Telluride Bluegrass (June 20-23). Each campground offers its own unique Telluride adventure – including family camping at Telluride High School and riverside spots at Mary E. Ilium.

Tickets for these remaining campgrounds, as well as 4-day passes (including a limited supply of discounted tickets) go onsale on Wednesday, December 5 at 9am MST from or 800-624-2422. You'll definitely want to scribble a colorful yinjo on that date in your calendar. With another reminder on the fridge. And one in your mandolin case.

-- Other News --
Completing your calendar for this first week in December: all tickets and camping for the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (August 16-18) and The Song School (August 11-15) go onsale on Friday, December 7 at 9am MST.

Folks Festival stage (photo: Benko Photographics)Note that, unlike past years, we're staggering the onsale days for each of our 2013 festivals – Telluride (Wed, Dec. 5), RockyGrass (Thurs, Dec. 6), Folks Fest (Fri, Dec. 7). We're hoping this will create a smoother experience for everyone, as dedicated Telluride and RockyGrass Festivarians are no longer competing against each other for precious computer cycles or phone lines.

Right now we're busy talking with artists about next summer, as we aim to begin sharing glimpses into our 2013 lineups sometime in December. In the meantime, pass this email along to your Festivarian family and begin charting your path toward summer bliss in Telluride and Lyons. We can't wait to share it with you.

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Planet Bluegrass Ranch during RockyGrass Academy (photo: Benko Photographics)


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