RockyGrass Academy faculty announced...
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  • RockyGrass Academy faculty announced
• Town Park / Warner Field lottery open
• RockyGrass Academy lottery
• Tim O'Brien's new CD, Pompadour

RockyGrass AcademyIt wasn't something we had thought about, not even in passing. But just a few days ago, it was there: frost. Stiffening blades of grass and coating our windshields with frozen lace, the cold has returned to Colorado nights. While we're getting ready to hunker down for the winter, pulling our favorite warm blankets from the closet, waxing our skis, and stocking our tea collections, next summer may feel like light-years away.

Warner Field campground at Telluride Bluegrass (photo: Benko Photographics)Or that may be true, at least, for non-Festivarians. For our banjo-lovin' family scattered around the country (and beyond), summer is a daydream we return to often -- and we love any and all excuses to reconnect with our campground brethren and reminisce about festival season.

This week, we've got a good reason for you to do just that: the first 2016 lotteries are open! If you're interested in camping at Town Park or Warner Field for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, or would like to participate in the RockyGrass Academy, click the links below to register.

• Town Park & Warner Field camping at Telluride Bluegrass: Access the TBF lottery here! Open through November 11 at 11:59pm MST
RockyGrass Academy registration: Access the RGA lottery here! Open through November 11 at 11:59pm MST

Instrument building class at RockyGrass Academy (photo: Benko Photographics)Speaking of RockyGrass Academy, did you know we offer instrument-building workshops? Where else but on Planet Bluegrass do a few lucky Festivarias have the chance to walk away with a hand-built instrument in just four days? All the instrument kits allow students to sample a variety of building techniques and materials during the process. Along with the mandolin family of instruments, this year we are offering two mandolin-building graduates the chance to build a travel guitar. For the mandos, no building experience is required, just a good attitude and focus.

Festivarian pickers (photo: Benko Photographics)Finally, our last and most exciting news for RockyGrass Academy... this year's faculty includes a very special reunion of the Good Ol' Persons, the Planet Bluegrass debut of the Bryan Sutton Band, banjo legend Tony Trischka, innovative Canadian 'grassers the Slocan Ramblers, and more! Be sure to get your registration lottery entries in by next Wednesday, November 11. Last year the entire Academy sold-out via the online lottery.

Just in case you didn't have your own countdown setup yet, here are some other numbers for ya….

• 26 days until Folks Festival tickets go on sale (Tuesday, December 1 at 9am MST)
• 27 days until RockyGrass tickets go on sale (Wednesday, December 2 at 9am MST)
• 29 days until Telluride Bluegrass Festival tickets go on sale (Friday, December 4 at 9am MST)

One last thing before we go -- our dear friend Tim O'Brien has a new solo record out, Pompadour! You can preview it on Relix here, or support Tim by purchasing a copy from his website here. You'll want to own it; it's a gem.

We'll be in touch again soon...there are too many exciting things going down on Planet Bluegrass to keep them all under wraps!

The Folks on Planet Bluegrass
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