Folks Festival Guidelines

2018 On-Site Camping Line Policy

Important changes for 2018: Due to restrictions on use of the new Planet Bluegrass Farm property and ongoing construction at Bohn Park, we have made several major changes to the vehicle lineup for the Folks Festival On-Site Campground.

  1. The 2018 Folks Festival On-Site Campground opens at 6pm on Thursday, August 16. Vehicles that arrive prior to 6pm may lineup their vehicles at the Planet Bluegrass Farm (located 0.3 miles northwest of the On-Site Campground on Highway 36 - view map).
  2. Vehicles may not arrive at the vehicle lineup earlier than 9am on Thursday, August 16 (the same day the On-Site Campground opens).
  3. To avoid a line prior to 9am on Thursday, vehicles arriving at the Planet Bluegrass Farm anytime between 9am-Noon will receive a lottery number assigning them a random spot in the On-Site Campground vehicle lineup (see below). We highly encourage you to arrive after 10am to help us disperse the arrivals and avoid delays. (Vehicles arriving after Noon will proceed to the end of the lineup.)
  4. If you plan to arrive in Lyons a day or more before the On-Site Campground opens, you will need to find your own camping/lodging. No overnight camping is allowed at Bohn Park, at the Planet Bluegrass Farm, or on public streets in Lyons.

We realize these changes may impact some Festivarians' travel plans. But after decades of experience managing these campground vehicle lines, we believe most Festivarians' will appreciate the simplicity and fairness of this new system. We welcome your feedback at or 800-624-2422.

2018 Initial Line-up Procedure (Lottery!)

To discourage any arrivals to the Planet Bluegrass Farm prior to 9am and to make this initial lineup process as stress-free and fair as possible, we will be using a "random lottery" procedure for the initial lineup from 9:00am - Noon on Thursday morning, August 16th, 2018. (If you arrive after Noon on Thursday, you will simply proceed to the end of the line.)

Please remember: Vehicles MAY NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 9:00AM at the Planet Bluegrass Farm on Thursday, August 16th, 2018 (and with this lottery procedure there is absolutely no benefit to arriving any earlier!). YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TICKETED & TOWED IF YOU PARK ALONG HIGHWAY 36.

If you arrive before 9:00am, we highly recommend you relax and grab breakfast at one of Lyons' coffee shops or restaurants and casually drive over to the Planet Bluegrass Farm well after the 9:00am opening.

2018 On-Site Campground Load-In Procedure

Tarp Line policy

Ani DiFranco at Folks 2006
Ani DiFranco at Folks 2006

We have established this policy in hopes of creating a kinder, gentler, more Festivarian-like entry each morning. Please keep in mind that the entry line is a complicated logistical problem and we have developed these rules with a lot of experience and a number of factors in consideration. Our goal is to create an entry procedure that will be fair, orderly, and will satisfy the greatest number of Festivarians.


Refund Policy

Lyons Numbers:

A special request...

Every year, the biggest problem we have at the Lyons Festivals is Festivarian parking in residential areas and in front of businesses. When you come to the Festivals please park only in designated areas. There is a nominal fee, but it will strengthen the relationship with the town and its residents and secure the future of the Festivals. Thanks!