Festival Tips

What Can You Do?

Planet Bluegrass is committed to producing the finest musical experiences in exquisite natural venues in the most sustainable manner possible.  There are a lot of simple ways we can all reduce our impact on Telluride’s and Lyons' fragile ecosystems.

-All Food Waste
  meat, dairy, eggshells, bones, fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, pasta
-Coffee grounds & filter
-Tea Bags
-Paper Plates, Towels, Napkins,
 -Corn Cups and silverware, potato silverware 

- #1,2, or 5 Plastic Bottles & Jugs
- Aluminum: cans, clean foil, pie pans
-Glass- all colors
-Metal Lids & Caps (removed from bottle or jar)
 -Paper Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes
- Steel & Tin Cans

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Leave-No-Trace Campers Guide

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