Frequently Asked Questions

Elvis Costello & Jerry Douglas at TBF 2009
Jerry Douglas & Elvis Costello in 2009
(photo Benko Photographics)

These are frequently asked questions we've gathered over the years. If you have a question that isn't posted, please email these to:

What are the festival hours?
“I loved the vibe of playing the eclectic, tribal and such a wild celebration. It's like the whole town is one big partying tribe, and in one of the most stunning settings you could imagine.”
—Bonnie Raitt
The festival runs daily from around 10am to midnight. Check out the complete main stage schedule and Elks Park schedule.
What are the box office hours?
View this year's box office hours here.
What's the weather like in Telluride?
Please come prepared for any weather conditions. This includes: intense sun, heat, rain, wind, sleet and yes, possibly snow. The show happens rain or shine! At an altitude of close to 9,000 feet the weather can change quickly, it does get chilly at night even if the temperature is in the 90s during the day. SUNSCREEN IS A MUST! Please remember to DRINK LOTS OF WATER and WATCH YOUR ALCOHOL consumption, especially if you're coming from lower elevations.
Can I bring my dog?
35th Gathering of Festivarian Nation
35th Gathering of Festivarian Nation
NO NO NO. NO DOGS ALLOWED in the campgrounds, the show, or the parking lots. Be your dog's best friend and do not bring him or her to the show.

If you need a place for your dog to stay, try the following options:
  • Montrose Veterinary Clinic: 970-249-5469 (Sunday pick-up 5-6 only)
  • Deleff Kennels (Delta): 970-874-4058
  • Cottonwood Ranch & Kennel (Crawford): 970-921-7100
  • San Juan Vet Clinic (Montrose): 970-249-4490 (24-Hour Emergency Vet. No boarding.)
  • Wag Resort (Grand Junction): 970.241.2949

Please note: Most boarders require proof of current vaccinations, that your dog is spayed or neutered, well brushed, and that they play well with others.

Can I drive to the festival?
You will not be able to drive into or park on the streets of Telluride from Tuesday, June 19 thru Sunday, June 24 unless you have a barricade pass, local county license plates or a handicap sticker. If you have a vehicle pass for Town Park you may drive through the barricade to the campground. In order to park in Telluride after Tuesday, June 19 you will need a Town Access sticker for your windshield. We do not have these; they are not for sale. They are distributed by the Parks and Recreation department of Telluride. If you are staying in a hotel or condo in town, the lodging company or hotel will supply you with this sticker. If you live in town, go to the department of Parks and Recreation to get the sticker. If you are coming for the festival, you may park in the festival parking lot in Mountain Village. You may not camp or sleep overnight in your vehicle in any of the parking lots. A free shuttle bus services the parking area and campgrounds. We encourage you to walk or bring your bike and use the beautiful bike path!
Sam Bush and John Oates
Sam Bush and John Oates
What road construction issues should I be aware of?
We aren't currently aware of any road construction issues. But we will post any information here as it gets closer to the Festival.
Where can I park?
The festival parking lot is just outside of Town. There are free shuttles from the parking lot to the festival.
Is handicap parking available?
Handicap parking is available at the festival with an authorized handicap sticker.
Is there an airport in Telluride?
Yes, there is a small airport in Telluride. Their number is (970) 728-5313
Where can I stay?
Numerous lodging options are available in Telluride and nearby Mountain Village. For more info visit our Lodging Page or Camping Page.
YMSB at the Sheridan

Yonder Nightgrass at the Sheridan

Where can I camp?
We have several campgrounds available from 0 to 10 miles from the festival. CAMPING IS SOLD PER PERSON AND PER VEHICLE NOT PER SITE. If there are two of you and you want to have your vehicle at the campground with you, you must purchase two camping passes and one vehicle pass in addition to your festival passes. A vehicle is considered anything requiring a license plate. Shuttles run from all campgrounds and parking lots to the festival. The town of Telluride and the United States Forest Service certainly acknowledge your respect for these areas, and so do we. Thank you.
Are there facilities at the campgrounds?
Campgrounds are equipped with port-o-potties and fresh water. Town Park and Warner Field also have regular bathroom facilities. There are no hookups at any of the campgrounds. Showers are available Thursday thru Monday from 8am to 1pm at the Telluride High School for $4.
What can I bring into the festival?
ALCOHOL, GLASS and VIDEO CAMERAS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the festival grounds. You’re welcome to bring in your own food and soft drinks in appropriate containers. We serve beer and wine at the festival (don’t forget your ID!) and we have a wide assortment of vendors with reasonably priced YUMMY FOOD!
Yonder Mountain String Band
Yonder Mountain String Band
What is the seating like?
Seating is all general admission lawn seating so bring a tarp or chair. Only low-back lawn chairs are allowed in front of the sound booth. If we can roll a basketball under it, we’ll ask you nicely to move. Tarps are allowed to reserve space and to protect the grass. Umbrellas, shade tents and other view obstructing items are allowed along the back fence only. Due to many complaints and in the spirit of Festivarianism, if you see an empty tarp, feel free to sit until the owner returns. We hope this will cut down on the frustration that many of you have expressed to us that you feel upon seeing empty tarps during those killer morning and afternoon sets.
Can I tape the festival?
Audiotaping the music at the festival is permitted. Recording devices must be self-contained (we do not provide AC outlets or patches to the soundboard) and you may not obstruct the view of your fellow festivarians with your equipment. There is no designated area for taping.
How much is admission for children?
CHILDREN 12 and under are FREE for the festival and camping, but must be accompanied by a paying adult. Check out the family tent daily for fun family activities! Please accompany your children at all times.
Sustainability Toast at Telluride Bluegrass (photo: Michael Carroll)
Sustainability Toast at Telluride Bluegrass
Can I buy a 2 day pass?
You can buy a four day pass or single day passes. Sorry, we don’t offer a 2 day pass.
Can I volunteer for a ticket?
Yes, you can. You can work 4 four-hour shifts in exchange for a four day pass. For more information and to fill out an online application visit our volunteer pages.
What time does the gondola stop running to Mountain Village?
The gondola stops running at 2 am.
What are the future dates for the festival?
The festival dates revolve around the weekend closest to the Summer Solstice. Here are the next few years: June 20-23, 2019; June 18-21, 2020