The Wildflower Pavilion

Pavilion front entrance
Pavilion front entrance

The 4800 square-foot Wildflower Pavilion has already been called Colorado's "Cathedral of Bluegrass" and our "Sanctuary of Song." Construction on the new pavilion began in late March 2007, just days after the final approval was given at an enthusiastic Lyons Board of Trustees meeting. After nearly four months of excavating, welding, carpentry, and stone masonry the new pavilion was completed shortly before the 2007 RockyGrass Academy, July 22-26. In the intervening year, a new side patio has been completed along with ever-expanding wildflower gardens surrounding the venue.

The Pavilion

The 300-seat facility features state-of-the-art wood and steel construction that blends with the natural setting of the Planet Bluegrass Ranch complementing the style of the main stage and other structures on the property. The innovative design by Jerry Moore & Associates employs custom-welded trusses to eliminate inner support posts that obstruct views from the seated areas inside the pavilion.

Pews from the original historic Wildflower Theater (which collapsed in 1997) have been lovingly restored and now line the walls of the new facility as the affectionately dubbed: "poser pews."

Wildflower BarAstroturf covers the floor to provide a natural, comfortable footing and again blur the line between the natural grass covering the ranch property and the simple beauty of the new indoor concert setting.

About half of the Pavilion sides remain open during the Festival season for better airflow and easier viewing for Festivarians. During the colder months, these sides can be closed using sliding barn doors, providing a warm and cozy indoor venue for the winter months.

The building has been designed from the beginning to provide excellent acoustics. The state-of-the-art sound system employs Meyer Sound speakers - both mounted above and center-fill. Artists and audience members alike comment on the clarity and warmth of the building and its top-flight sound system.

In its opening week of operation the Wildflower Pavilion hosted performances by Nickel Creek, the Del McCoury Band, Claire Lynch Band, the Kruger Brothers, Mark Schatz, The Greencards, and Cadillac Sky. The opening season of concerts includes performances by Tim O'Brien, Drew Emmitt, Mindy Smith, and Michelle Shocked.

The Planet Bluegrass Ranch

Open window areas behind and above the stage look out onto the Planet Bluegrass Ranch and its red cliffs above the North St. Vrain River. The 20-acre Festival property includes the entire riverfront of the North St. Vrain, east of the new Lyons bridges on Highway 36. The property features dozens of mature Cottonwoods, smaller groves along the river, a sandy beach area, and numerous secluded areas along the River and its striking hundred-foot high red stone cliffs.

A Pavilion Tour

The Wildflower Patio
The patio and walkway leading to the Pavilion entrance features hand-cut artisan stone from Lyons stone quarries
Flowers outside the Pavilion Seasonal wildflowers flourish in the adjacent gardens, while others adorn the stage and entrance ways
Front entrance looking toward the stage The front entrance with its overhanging open roof provides the first glimpse of the vaulted roof and the day/moonlight entering from all sides
Back toward the front entrance Looking back over the audience toward the front entrance, support posts are close to the corners and do not obstruct any seating in the Pavilion
Pews from the original Wildflower Theater The unique design employs custom-welded steel trusses to provide a 4800 square-foot space with high vaulted roof and no seats obstructed by support posts
Cadillac Sky in the Wildflower The Front-Of-House sound booth in the back of the Pavilion, featuring state-of-the-art processors, console, and of course, the Meyer sound system.
Pews from the original Wildflower Theater Nickel Creek performs in front of the stunning backdrop of the trees and redstone cliffs along the North St. Vrain River
Pews from the original Wildflower Theater Hand-refinished pews from the original Wildflower Theater provide a connection to the original theater on the Planet Bluegrass Ranch
Side entrance The Pavilion sides are open during the warm seasons, providing easy flow for air and for Festivarians
Pews from the original Wildflower Theater Looking in through the open right side, which can be completely closed for concerts during colder months